solve error play store

Fix error 927 Play Store

If you are a regular user of the Google application store for devices with an Android operating system, I'm sure that on some occasion you have seen an error that has prevented you from installing or updating a game or an application. These errors are nothing strange and some are more common than others

Fix error 504 Play Store

Play Store, the Google application store, usually works quite well, but sometimes there may be an error that prevents us from downloading files or making updates. The errors can be of various types, but this time we will see how to fix 504 Play Store error . This error is caused by a failure in the gateway that is usually associated with a slow Internet connection due to failure in the WiFi network or mobile data networks

Methods to Fix Server Error in Google Play Store

One of the most annoying problems that is affecting Android users, is one caused by the store Google Play Store , which although not yet recognized by Google does not provide a solution either. However, here you can find more than one way to solve the server error in the Google Play Store , something very common in mobile phones and tablets with Android that usually appears due to an error when trying to establish a connection with the Google Play server

Error 963 Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is one of the best app stores if we have a device that uses the Android operating system. The usual thing is that the Google application store works without problems, but in some cases it can give some error. Today we will see how we can fix the error 963 Google Play Store . Causes of error 963 Google Play Store Some have found that when trying to download or update an application they get the message "Application X (name of the application) could not be downloaded due to an error (963)"

How to fix error 490 in Play Store. No hassle and fast

More and more users are presenting complaints about the errors that the Google Play Store has, the truth is that many of them can be easily solved from the comfort of your home so it is not necessary for developers to intervene. It is for this reason that I will show you some methods with which you can solve the error 490 in Play Store

Troubleshoot Error RH-01 Play Store "An error occurred while recovering server information"

Google Play Store is the official store of Google applications for Android devices, in it we can find an almost infinite number of applications and games, combining free content and paid content. Normally the Play Store works fine, but it may give us some small flaw. A very annoying error, but luckily with a very simple solution

Solve error -18 Play Store

The error -18 is not one of the most common in the Google Play Store, but it may come to us at some point while trying to install or update an application . In this article we will see several alternatives to solve error -18 Play Store . This error may come to light because the Google store has not solved some error codes , but the most common is that it occurs due to some type of problem with the SD card or even a cache problem

Error 920: Play Store Applications Not Downloaded

The Play Store is the official Android store and has many applications and games to download. Usually the same works without too many problems, although in one or another occasion we can find a problem such as " Error 920: applications are not downloaded " which generates one another annoyance since it is the source of apps number one and the only that many of us use Do not worry, in this article I want to show you how to solve the error 920: do not download the applications from the Play Store , we will go step by step, how to solve this problem so that you can download all the apps

Error code -18 in the Play Store How to fix it?

We can not deny, even if we do not really like it, that errors either on the computer or on mobile phones are quite common. It is normal that from time to time we have to experience many mistakes that, if necessary, in most cases are easy to solve, especially those related to the Google Play Store , which undoubtedly has a large number of errors in your file that could happen to you, although luckily, they do not happen too often (thank goodness

Does the Play Store NOT Work? Possible solutions

If the Play Store application is not working as it should and you do not know exactly how to solve it, do not make any problems because then we are going to give you several possible solutions that you can apply in order to enjoy the official Android store. The Play Store , the store where you can find thousands of applications, games, movies and much more to be able to have any mobile device with Android

Solve Error DF-DLA-15 Play Store

The errors that can appear in the Google application store are very varied. This time we will see how to fix DF-DLA-15 error of Play Store . Normally the Google Play Store works without problem, but it has always happened to us that when going to download an application or to update an application or game that we have previously installed on our smartphone or tablet, we see a message indicating that there has been some kind of error and that you can not carry out the action we have requested